Today there are several lakhs of unemployed youths another lot of almost 40% of the population in the state which is almost 1.5 corers are students and will be seeking out for jobs every year. A large population of youths have already gone out of the state seeking jobs and among them a very big segment is under paid and leading a miserable life doing undesirable jobs away from home out of compulsion. Awareness on the scientific cost effective production of protein rich food and food products and facilities are limited and awareness is very low. Awareness among the people on the nutritional benefit and easy production process of mushroom from agricultural waste in very little space and water is known by very few people.

Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF) trainee up approx. 1000 farmers every year from last 23 years from 1995 to 2017.  During these period we build about 100 master trainers every year. We have visited many institute, cover many villages for sensitisation program in mushroom cultivation in North East and provide training to the people. Every year approx. 3000 mushroom trainees /farmers we provide them training.

As we all know India is a protein deficient country and Assam and north east is a challenging state so these enormous deficiency is extremely challenging to be substituted as required by animal protein i.e. meat, fish, eggs and milk. However the country produces about 750 million metric tonnes of agricultural waste and in Northeast itself we produce approximately 20 million metric tonnes of agricultural waste which can be easily transformed into first class protein equivalent to animal protein, in fact much better in various factors and with an investment of just 30 to 40 rupees per kg almost any person in a rural northeast can produce. 1 kg of mushroom and can sell up to 300 per kg   with an investment of just 30 -40 rupees .At the same time it requires minimal water compare to other agriculture. This production of mushroom can address the protein deficiency and mal nutrition in the in the fastest and cost effective manner.

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